Over the past year we have been busy with our Upcycled Building Project for Glastonbury Spa at Middlewick.

A few years ago Jill purchased a timber framed building on Ebay.  It had been damaged in the Somerset Floods and it had been taken down and stored on pallets in a farmyard not far from us here in Glastonbury.

The purchase was for all the piles of wood and the original drawings.  All of the wood was numbered so it was the biggest jigsaw puzzle anyone could ever buy.

This is what the building originally looked like.  It was a 2 storey building on a lake.   One of our first decisions was to only make it a single storey building so that we had a lot of space.

building - Middlewick Holiday Cottages


Spa at Middlewick. 

yoga building - Middlewick Holiday Cottages

This is what it looks like now.


The Build commenced in November 2019 but took a little while as there was a pandemic going on around us.  Here are a few photos of the project that was completed with the help of Andrew Hill and his team.


And Here is where the Upcycled Building Project Began

A few years ago Jill purchased a used building that she discovered on ebay.  The timber framed structure had been damaged in the floods and what could be salvaged was taken down.  It was hexagonal yoga studio that had been out on the Somerset Levels.  wood - Middlewick Holiday Cottages

With the building came drawings and all the parts were numbered so it was a giant jigsaw puzzle.

We picked up the building with the help of our friend George and his tractor.   A few trips back and forth with the timber parts.


This is what it looked like before it was taken down.  We will be modifying it slightly so we will keep you updated with the progress.


If you are interested in holding a yoga retreat or a corporate event with us here at Middlewick visit our Group Retreat Page.




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