New Year, New Experiences.  Want to do something different this year?  Here are 7 things you may never have tried and  they are all here on our doorstep in Somerset.

  1.  X-Treme Adventures in Cheddar Gorge.  Ever wanted to try Caving or Rock Climbing?  Cheddar Gorge X-Treme Adventures offer 1 1/2 hour caving experiences throughout the year whatever the weather, so you can get down and dirty underneath the Gorge.  If you fancy going up and over there are 1 1/2 hour rock climbing experiences that run from April to September providing it isn’t raining.

    cavers in the Adventure Caves, Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England, UK
    cavers in the Adventure Caves, Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England, UK


2.  Kayaking along the Somerset Levels.  Head to  Wall Eden Adventure Farm towards Glastonbury through the Somerset Levels.  You can choose from 1/2 day to Full day rental.  Glide along the River Brue and pretend to be a Roman or Anglo-Saxon as you paddle along the beautiful untouched watercourse.   Or how about Paddle Boarding on the River Parrett?  Alongside of canoes, and kayaks you can hire a paddle board at Langport Boat Hire. If that is all a bit too adventurous you could always take a trip on the Duchess of Cocklemoor.  Langports community boat operates in the summer months.


boat - Middlewick Holiday Cottages


3. Gliding over the Mendip Hills  Experience the full majesty of nature in a silent flight over the stunning Mendip Hills.

Mendip Gliding club offer Introductory Vouchers for you to try out soaring through the air.

gliding 1 - Middlewick Holiday Cottages


4. Xtreme OffRoad  The most challenging 4 X 4 OffRoad driving course is just a short drive from us at the Bath & West Showground.  You can be driven or be taught by an instructor how to drive on their 250 acres of difficult terrain.  If you don’t fancy a 4X4 you can try Quad Biking instead. Or if there are enough of you interested they offer Stock Car Racing as well.


5. Learn to Drive a Horse and Cart.  At Horse Haven just outside of Glastonbury they offer taster days throughout the year.


6. Go for a Balloon Ride over the Glastonbury Tor.   There are various companies who offer balloon rides around Somerset and many launch from Glastonbury.  Virgin Balloons are often seen over Middlewick.


7. Drive the Car of your Dreams.   At Haynes Motor Museum they offer Dream Car Drives in a choice of sports cars.  For more details visit their website Haynes Motor Museum


car1 - Middlewick Holiday Cottages

8.  Wild Wookey is a three hour caving experience in the famous Wookey Hole Caves. It is the largest cave complex in the UK and is a haven for thrill seekers.

wild wookey 8 - Middlewick Holiday Cottages


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