One of my favourite times of year in Glastonbury is Spring Equinox.  For me it signals the end of the winter and gets me excited looking forward to the summer months ahead.

It does happen in March so in reality summer is a long way away but, the hours of daylight start becoming noticeably longer and it signals the end of the hard months of winter.

The Equinox is when there are Equal amounts of time, not here in the Northern Hemisphere, but over the equator.  There there will be 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of sunlight.  The precise time this happens is when the sun is directly over the equator and is somewhere between the 19th and 22nd of March every year.    From this point on the sun shifts into the Northern Hemisphere, spring and summer begins for us here in Glastonbury while winter starts for those south of the Equator.

This year over Equinox it was our Crossfit Country Retreat group staying with us.  Full of energy, running up the Tor for sunrise every morning, followed by yoga and then 2 workouts a day.  Tiring just thinking about how busy they were.  But the early morning walks and runs up Glastonbury Tor started them off every day and the added bonus was to be there for the Equinox morning.  It felt like Spring was rushing in with full force with the energy they were all creating here at Middlewick.

I had walked up the Tor with them every morning and when they left I was so in the routine I just kept on with the sunrise walk.  The dogs also got into the pattern of getting up early so made sure I was awake just before the sun came up every day.  I have managed 13 days in a row and captured some amazing photos along the way.

Some days I am completely alone with just the pigeons and my 3 dogs for company.  Other days there are groups of people also enjoying the wonderful sunrises.

If you have never been up on Glastonbury Tor for sunrise you really need to experience it at least once in your life.  And my advice would be to try and get up there for the Spring Equinox.  It feels so great to welcome back the sun after a long,dark winter.

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