As part of Somerset Arts Weeks Glastonbury have entered the Glastonbury Mural Trail as an art exhibition in the town.

Middlewick have been involved with the Glastonbury Mural Trail project from the start and this is the mural that we have sponsored. It has been painted by the very talented Canadian Artist Oksana Gaidesheva (who came all the way from Vancouver to paint for us)

Middlewick Sponsored Mural
Mural sponsored by Middlewick

This year Glastonbury Town Council and the Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce and Tourism decided to enter the town of Glastonbury as a venue for the annual Somerset Arts Festival.

Local Artist Kim Von Coels curated the art, orgainsing artists and walls and Jill Barker organised the business sponsorship of the artists.   A great help to the project was that Glastonbury has a local paint manufacturer, Thorndown Paints, who donated paints for the murals.

The result is a trail that takes you around 26 murals in the town plus highlights other works of art on walls.  There are 10 new murals on the Glastonbury Mural Trail.

Murals in Glastonbury are not original,  there are photographs of the shops on the High Street being painted with flowers in the 1960s.  There was a mural trail map created many years ago by Jim and Caroline at the Pilgrim Reception Centre, Glastonbury.   For 2019 we have taken all of this inspiration and built upon it. This was only made possible with the help of many volunteers and the abundant talent of local (and international) artists plus generous sponsorship from local businesses.

Visit the Glastonbury Town council website to download the new mural map for you to print off – Town council Website Downloadable Map


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