Glastonbury has a high street like no other town

No empty shops, no large retail chain stores. Instead both sides of the street are crammed with interesting shops selling all manner of fabulous things. Down every side street and alleyway are yet more tucked away treasures.

There is a magical, whimsical air to Glastonbury at any time of year

But add in some festive fairy lights and an atmosphere of Christmas excitement and you could be forgiven for imagining you have time travelled to Dickens day. You may bump into a grumbling Ebeneezer Scrooge or hear Tiny Tim singing a Christmas Carol.

Christmas on glastonbury high street Imaginarium featured in my Christmas Shopping post a couple of years ago and this year I think their festive window is even more magical.

Christmas on glastonbury high street  What could be more Christmassy than a toy shop? Little Imps Toy Store

makes even grown -ups believe that Santa might bring something down the chimney for them this year.

glastonbury high street at christmas A book shaped parcel with your name on it is a double delight – what book could it be inside ? What wonders wait within it’s cover?  Gothic Image

have a title to suit everyone.


Christmas on glastonbury high street Christmas on glastonbury high street Christmas on glastonbury high street Christmas on glastonbury high street

Whether you are shopping or just having a wander round to soak up the festive atmosphere peering into the shop windows on the high street this Christmas is a gift all by itself.

Glastonbury High Street is just a short walk away from Middlewick Holiday Cottages. Alongside the many varied shops are pubs and cafes, Glastonbury Abbey and St John’s Church, all well worth a visit. Call in and see the Shining Branches display. 

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